Frontier Impact Group (FIG) and Ark2030 are delighted to announce a new joint venture in AustraliA: Ark3C Australasia.

Ark3C Australasia will be established in Melbourne to provide corporate advisory and capital raising services to scale up investment in land restoration and other related projects that reduce the carbon footprint of the agricultural sector, and support renewables, ag-tech and clean-tech companies, and other technologies that reduce the impact of climate change.


FIG is leading capital advisory for Ark3C Australasia and will be working collaboratively with financiers, investors, government, universities and industry to attract blended funding to scale up capital deployment in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.


As the world looks to a Green Economic Recovery to take us out of the Covid Crisis, Ark3C will provide the infrastructure to allow global private and institutional capital to deploy effectively into programmes at scale around the world; supported by the world’s leading partner groups – and Ark3C Australasia will be pioneering this global initiative. The joint venture will leverage capital support from Ark2030 with investment opportunities in Australia to drive multi billion dollar investment programmes to restore the landscape, reduce carbon and mitigate climate risk.


To achieve the scale up of investment, Ark3C will be launching a series of funds globally, commencing with Australia, Africa and Europe. The first Fund will be established in Australia with the aim of supporting venture capital for climate crisis solutions and environment-focused businesses. The Australian model will assist in leading the way for the other global funds. Ark2030 is on a mission to reverse global warming and end the climate crisis by restoring and regenerating 500 million hectares of global eco systems.


Ark2030 unites private capital, global citizens/builders both corporate and individual to fund, at scale and pace, regeneration projects across 5 key ecosystems that in turn restore 500 million hectares globally through auditable and blockchain traceable certified projects. Ark2030’s partners in Australasia include the Global Evergreening Alliance, Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef and over 180 global national and local partner groups collaborating to restore Australasia’s greatest eco systems. Australia has been identified as the first continent to begin these activities, supported under the “Restore Australia” programme.


Ark2030’s not for profit arm is providing early stage seed funding of $300 M to Restore Australia for land generation activities, with the support of the Global Evergreening Alliance. The Evergreening Alliance is a collaborative platform that strives to scale up land restoration practices across the world.


Ark3C Australasia will lead the scaling up of the funding strategy for the Restore Australia programme, and will ensure success, through blended funding solutions, expanded opportunities and thorough due diligence. Ark 3C Australasia will also partner investors and financiers to build greater interest in the opportunity of the new land restoration asset class, to build for further significant investment to be released in the sector.