Stephen Fern – Ark2030
Stephen is arguably one of the pioneers in Impact Investment on a global basis, with the aim of restoring 500 million hectares of the global ecosystem for the planet to be in balance by 2030.

Over the last 20 years Stephen has worked at G9 Ark alongside global business families to drive capital into impact investments, developing a plan to end the climate crisis. The G9’s focus was on impact investment and it was an invitation only private network of Family Offices of over $250 M around the world.


The G9's work includes funds including the G9X Hedge - Allocating over $500m of Family Seed Capital for New and Emerging Hedge Fund Talent; the Successful Legacy Families project - a collaboration of the world’s leading advisors that had developed a road map for Families wishing to work towards achieving their own vision of legacy; the G9 Empowering Pledge that works with G9 families across the world to deliver on a commitment to empowering their children to use their wealth in a socially responsible way; and the G9X – The successful Private Equity and Business Transaction platform for G9 Families that was developed.


Prior to his work at G9 Ark, Stephen qualified as a chartered accountant with Arthur Andersen before establishing a financial education business which he sold in 1999. He is currently Chairman of Ark2030 and Ark3c that have agreed a JV with Frontier Impact Group to form Ark3C Australasia. Stephen is leveraging his experience in the G9 and his network to leverage private sector capital into technologies and projects that can provide our future generations hope.

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