Frontier Impact Group and Ark2030 announce exciting new joint venture: Ark3C Australasia - Climate,

- Ark3C Australasia is a joint venture between Frontier Impact Group (FIG) and Ark3C part of the Ark2030 Global Programme, financing the restoration of planet earth.

- Ark3C (Climate, Crisis, Capital) will drive international investment in land restoration globally, alongside other eco system restoration projects with the aim to drive the scaling up of activities that are critical to have an impact on mitigating climate risk. Ark3C is establishing other Ark3C entities globally to assist in the scaling up of private sector and blended investment into the sector.

- Ark 3C Australasia will leverage $300M in international funds to drive significant national investment in land restoration as well as other sustainable technologies such as renewable energy, food and agri tech, and the development of a circular economy.

Frontier Impact Group (FIG) and Ark2030 are delighted announce a new joint venture in Australia called Ark 3C Australasia.

Ark 3C Australasia will be established in Melbourne to provide corporate advisory and capital raising services to scale up investment in land restoration and other related projects that reduce the carbon footprint of the agricultural sector, renewables, ag-tech and clean-tech companies, and other technologies that reduce the impact of climate change.

FIG is leading capital advisory for Ark3c and will be working collaboratively with financiers, investors, government, universities and industry to attract blended funding to scale up capital deployment in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Ark3C Australasia will also partner with investors and financiers to build greater interest in the opportunity to participate in the new land restoration asset investment class, to build further investment in the sector.

Quotes attributable to Jennifer Lauber Patterson, Managing Director, Frontier Impact Group

“Regenerative farming can play a significant role in rehydrating the landscape, improving our biodiversity and soil carbon content and reducing the risks of extreme weather events.”

“After the Black Summer Australia just experienced, we need to act quickly. Ark3C Australasia is part of a global movement which already provides significant investment opportunities that offer investors strong financial and environmental returns”.

“I am excited to partner with Ark3C to drive this important initiative in scaling up finance for land restoration and other carbon reduction activities into Australia.”

“I feel blessed and privileged that I have the ability to make a difference and know that I have done all I can do for our children and future generations to leave the planet in a better place.”

Quotes attributable to Stephen Fern, Chairman of Ark2030

“There is a large opportunity to help the economy to recover by investing in technologies and programmes that will restore our landscapes, reduce carbon and bring an end to the climate crisis”

“We need impact investors, institutional investors, industry, government, not for profits and universities to all collaborate to reverse global warming and end the climate crisis. FIG is ideally placed to make this important initiative happen on the ground across Australasia.”

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