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In 2012, Jennifer Lauber Patterson attended the global Copenhagen Conference.


Disillusioned with the missed opportunity Australia had in getting a carbon trading scheme in place, she realised other countries saw the transition to a low carbon economy as an advantage for business and economic opportunity.


One evening in Copenhagen, following a few drinks with a colleague she established the “Carbon Awareness Forum” which focused on the new way of communicating the benefits of moving to a low carbon economy.


With a background in the energy sector and high level banking, Jennifer saw an opportunity to assist Australian businesses and organisations combine financially successful results with environmentally sustainable solutions.  


FIG quickly originated global projects and is now thriving as a sophisticated and agile consultancy, working both directly to support key projects, as well as strategically to assist businesses and the community get their own environmental and energy sustainability projects off the ground.


As a business we are focussed on the commercialisation of new technologies that create positive social and environmental outcomes.


FIG helps to bridge the gap between technology, finance and consumers through sophisticated project management techniques, unique networks and capacities, and unparalleled access and understanding of both real needs in communities on the ground, and the requirements of the large banking and finance sector.


Current FIG projects include investment in renewable diesel, organic fertilizers, carbon farming and vertical farming that are potential game changers in the pursuit of a more sustainable planet.


On a more strategic level, we also work to help corporates that may want to invest in a solar plant, community groups that may need help with financing or entrepreneurs that want to commercialise technologies or farmers that want to move to regenerative farming.


Our work sees us covering a huge variety of projects and areas across Australia, from the development of a Community Energy Financing Toolkit, assisting disability employment agency Kurragong to deploy solar PV, assisting 25 farmers in the small Victorian town of Mollonghop to transition to solar energy and provide peer to peer trading, and working with farmers in Queensland to introduce technology to assist them to effectively transition towards better farming practices and significantly reduce run off into the Great Barrier Reef.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business and the planet.

Jennifer Lauber Patterson

Managing Director

Edward Kus

Chief Operating Officer

Mal Campbell

Senior Associate 

Michael Dontschuk

Senior Associate/Corporate Finance

Shawn Butters

Senior Associate/Landscape Restoration

Andy Rodgers

Director/Sustainable Development 

Adam White

Project Manager/Northern Region 

Aileen Villaluna

Executive Assistant

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