Jennifer Lauber Patterson

Jennifer Lauber Patterson, Managing Director of Frontier Impact Group, has a 30 year track record in developing and advising on technologies or solutions that have an environmental and social impact. 

Jennifer’s passion is to fill the gaps between a good idea or new technology or business models by assisting it to become a bankable outcome. 

Jennifer commenced her career over 30 years ago, when she was awarded a company sponsored scholarship in the electricity generation sector in the Latrobe Valley. She started working on the shop floor before moving up in to management, senior finance and then electricity trading roles. Nearly 25 years ago she pioneered one of the first green electricity trades in the market that began her interest in sustainable solutions.

She then transitioned into banking and established the electricity and renewable market trading business for ANZ in the early 2000’s. 


She became involved in financing solutions for renewable energy, and was responsible for investment in over one million carbon offsets for NAB in global projects, where the possibility of making both good business and environmental decisions came to be her main focus. 

In 2012, she attended the global Copenhagen Conference, which changed her future. She was disillusioned with the missed opportunity Australia had in getting a carbon trading scheme in place, and realised other countries saw the transition to a low carbon economy as an advantage for business and economic opportunity.

One evening in Copenhagen, Jennifer and a colleague established the “Carbon Awareness Forum” which led her to establish Frontier Impact Group (FIG), which she still runs. FIG quickly took off, originating successful projects worldwide.

The impacts were huge and the business was growing but then the politics changed: the international carbon markets became oversupplied and Australia sadly repealed the carbon price legislation. Like many others, much work, major plans and strategic opportunities evaporated. Through extensive networking, endless research into the cutting edge of climate innovation and sheer hard work, FIG survived, and pivoted towards a brighter future.

FIG is unique as a business because we work both directly to support key projects, as well as strategically to assist businesses and the community get their own environmental and energy sustainability projects off the ground.


Current FIG projects include investment in renewable diesel, organic fertilizers, carbon farming and vertical farming that are potential game changers in the pursuit of a more sustainable planet.

On a more strategic level, we also work to help corporates that may want to invest in a solar plant, community groups that may need help with financing, entrepreneurs that want to commercialise technologies or farmers that want to move to regenerative farming.

Jennifer enjoys developing tools and guides that have the benefit of helping not only one organisation but can be shared by many.

​Jennifer also has significant experience in policy given her former roles as Head for Australia and New Zealand of the Climate Markets and Investment Association (CMIA), Committee Member of Businesses for a Clean Economy and advisory panel of the carbon market institute.

Jennifer is currently a board member of Sustainability Victoria, board member of Carbon8 and recently retired as Chair of Yarra Energy Foundation after nearly 10 years of service, including four years as Chair.​

Jennifer currently participates on the Business Advisory Panel for Southern Cross Regenerative Agriculture Alliance and considers land restoration and the building of soil carbon as an important priority for mitigating the risks associated with climate change.

Jennifer is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a CPA.