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Adam White

Frontier Impact Group welcomes Adam White, our new Projects Manager for the Northern Region. Adam plays a key role in our community-focused land regeneration programs, embedding Indigenous culture into our operational approach. 

Adam brings a rich background in natural resource management, with notable roles in Federal and State Government agencies, particularly in compliance and investigations. His experience traversing challenging terrains like Cape York and the Northern Territory showcases his adaptability. 

Adam has forged strong ties with Traditional Owners in the north, leading to pioneering Indigenous forestry operations focused on export timbers and biomass, reflecting his commitment to sustainability. His expertise aids property owners in assessing the feasibility of their carbon and clean energy projects. 

Adam's entrepreneurial spirit is demonstrated in the successful founding of several multinational businesses, honing his business acumen and relationship-building skills. In essence, Adam White’s unique blend of environmental expertise and business leadership positions him as more than a manager; he's a trailblazer driving sustainable development and community engagement. 



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