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“Swinburne has been very pleased with work undertaken by the  Frontier Impact Group (FIG ) team and for their expert guidance in enabling Swinburne to procure 100 per cent renewable electricity from Infigen Energy, from 1 July 2020.

The FIG team has significant and deep energy experience which helped us successfully navigate the many complexities of renewable energy procurement, to achieve an appropriate solution, tailored to the unique needs of our organisation.

FIG flexibly supported us with a full range of services across the procurement lifecycle, working closely with our procurement team to provide key elements and assisting us with: market analysis; procurement strategy; tender documentation; quantitative and qualitative evaluation; and the analysis required for data based negotiations.

Our team found it easy to work dynamically and flexibly with FIG to provide complementary services that delivered the quality results in the short time frames required. We are delighted with the outcome and the assistance we received.”


Oliver Moritz, Swinburne

Frontier Impact Group offers a wide range of support and guidance to assist corporate partners achieve financially beneficial sustainability outcomes. 

Some of the services we provide include:


  • Climate Risk Strategy & Mitigation

  • Sustainable development goals advisory

  • Renewable energy sourcing

  • Carbon footprint assessment and management

  • Carbon neutrality strategy and modelling

  • Carbon offsetting services


Project development, financing and end-to-end procurement

  • Renewable energy

  • Carbon abatement project development

  • Aggregation of projects

  • Sourcing of carbon abatement projects

  • Technology modelling​

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