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Frontier Impact Group Team:
Jennifer Lauber Patterson 

Founder Jennifer Lauber Patterson, Managing Director of Frontier Impact Group, has a 30-year track record in developing and advising on financial options and technology solutions that have an environmental and social impact.


Jennifer established ANZ’s Carbon, Renewable & Energy group in the early 2000’s and managed NAB’s Environmental Treasury Solutions, where she was responsible for investment in over one million carbon offsets for NAB in global projects. It was during this time that the possibility of making both good business and environmental decisions came to be her main Focus. This pioneering work has continued with Frontier Impact Group, which she established in 2012. FIG has firmly established itself as a key player in this sector, pioneering key projects and models in carbon project development as well as developing and implementing new financing solutions promoting natural capital of land assets.  

Jennifer is currently working on a new framework around natural capital and prevision farming measurement tools to collect this data on a real time basis. Jennifer is passionate about the restoration of land and is playing a key role in attracting Australian and international investors and financiers to the sectors, with the goal of scaling up land restoration in Australia.


Jennifer’s key experience is in the valuation of land restoration projects, engagement of investors, regenerative agriculture and various environmental markets. She has the unique experience of understanding the carbon markets as well as specialising in various forms of regenerative agriculture such as natural sequence farming, rotation grazing and other methods. Jennifer developed extensive experience in the 1990’s in managing several large electricity portfolios and associated trading of electricity renewable energy certificates and carbon credits for industry and banks.


With Jennifer’s early leadership in carbon she can strategically understand and optimise a carbon trading strategy and identify and manage the key risks that are identified. In her previous role as the Head, Climate Market investment Association in Australia (leading carbon investment advocacy group lead from London) she has developed a significant global network of project developers, investors and financing groups that can be leveraged for the benefits of her clients. Jennifer is a world leader in trading and carbon given her active trading roles. She has managed and been a sought after speaker at IETA events at the Copenhagen, Cancun and Durban Climate Conferences, as well as appearing at speaking events in Mexico City, Singapore, NZ and Indonesia.

For more information about Jennifer, please see:


Senior Analyst Mal Campbell has an engineering and applied finance background and has specialised in risk management, modelling and development of successful systems for managing risk in new markets, including electricity derivatives, Renewable Energy Certificates, Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), Voluntary Carbon Credits (VERs) and Certified Emission Reduction units (CERs).

One of Mal's key strengths is his niche expertise in the carbon, renewable and energy markets and his detailed understanding of valuations, risk metrics and cashflow management through the use of forwards, derivatives and other financial instruments.


Mal is responsible for managing the risk profile of the fund and quantitative analysis of the fund portfolio. He pioneered the development of a comprehensive energy trading and risk management (ETRM) system in Australia that manages electricity, environmental certificates including carbon, gas, oil, coal and FX. Established in 2007, the system is now a primary revenue source of a listed company that now has a market value in excess of $100M. The ETRM solution is used by some of the largest participants in the Australian energy sector including Energy Australia, Alinta Energy, CS Energy, Stanwell Corporation, Ergon Energy (Qld) and other and is the leading system ahead of local and International competitors.

Prior to this, Mal managed energy and environmental market trading groups for energy retailers and has been consulting on risk managements solutions for large energy companies, large corporate, government and communities. His trading team made profits in excess of $35M in energy trading in the first three years of operation of the National Electricity Market. He developed the Energy Derivatives Course for the Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA) and led the training and assessment program that accredits qualified energy, environmental and carbon derivative traders in Australia.


Mal has strong quantitative skills and has financially modelled a number of land restoration activities including carbon financing models for methods under the Climate Solutions Fund, Conservation and Biodiversity Land Investments and investment in regenerative agriculture. These include natural sequence farming, rotational grazing and renewable energy technology types both in Australia and internationally. He has developed a deep knowledge of the regenerative agricultural market and the modelling of carbon projects to assist in getting projects to investment readiness.


Mal has tertiary qualifications in Electrical Engineering with Masters’ degrees in both Business Administration and Applied Finance. For more about Mal please see:

Mike Dontschuk - Senior Advisor


Mike has a successful history in managing funds and will play a key role in the structuring of the fund vehicles to best manage the needs of our clients and the ongoing management of these funds. former roles includes Group Treasurer of ANZ Bank, Managing Director of Treasury Corporation of Victoria and other executive roles.


Mike has been involved in Frontier Group for five years and has played a critical role in building the fund management capacity in the team. Mike’s role as a professional Non-Executive Director on several company boards has current responsibilities and roles in the management of investment funds for a number of these entities. 

For more about Mike please see:

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