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Bio-Energy Projects

Frontier Impact Group is collaborating with a number of project partners to develop bioenergy projects that convert waste streams to bio-fuels or electricity. Frontier Impact Group possesses strong knowledge of the current and emerging technology opportunities and is assisting a number of project developers to becoming investment ready. Some of the services include the following:

Energy  Adviser Role

  • Providing technical advice

  • Providing commercial advice

  • Assisting in energy offtake agreement negotiations

  • Managing accreditation of Renewable Energy Certificates LGCs and management of renewable energy portfolio

  • Management of electricity network requirements

  • Managing accreditation of carbon certificates and management of the carbon portfolio

  • Providing policy advice on energy related matters

  • Management of government interactions on energy related matters

Corporate Funding Adviser Role

The role of the corporate funding advisor includes the following activities:

  • Preparing financial models

  • Write up the capital structure options & associated investment instruments for corporate & specific project(s) that has been progressed by The Company

  • Undertake a due diligence of projects

  • Grant submissions

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