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Frontier Impact Group provides specialist Expertise and financing capability to drive financially viable, planet-friendly solutions and accelerate the global race to net zero.

  • We work directly and strategically on high impact projects across the globe to deliver exceptional environmental and business outcomes.

  • We work with solutions and commercialisation technologies including renewable fuels, renewable energy & storage, vertical faming, fertilizer manufacturing, smart farming systems and others.

  • We provide advisory services in carbon project development, including soil carbon, revegetation and biodiversity.

  • We guide our clients in innovative ways to transition to net zero carbon emissions through alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Capital raising.PNG

Capital raising
Providing strategic advice to help our clients become investment ready within their risk appetite and achieve their goals faster

Technology solutions.PNG

Technology solutions modelling
Financial and technology modelling for investment purposes. Devising net zero strategies for liable entities to enable a rapid transition to net zero

Carbon advisory.PNG

Carbon advisory
Advising on investment, development and scale-up of carbon projects including draw down strategies in the agricultural sector with expertise in structuring of finance solutions

Climate risk.PNG

Climate risk solutions
Providing strategic risk analysis and mitigation at executive and board level, devising business plans to pivot to sustainable solutions and safeguard the social license to operate

Due diligence.PNG

Due diligence
Assessing feasibility of investments in infrastructure focusing on land restoration, clean energy and the waste sector


Landscape restoration
Advising on landscape management specializing in various regenerative methods focusing on carbon draw down to compliment carbon project development and natural capital evaluation


Corporate finance and M&A
Enabling the innovation, new business models and IT solutions necessary to achieve rapid scale up and accelerate the race to net zero


Legal, structuring and corporate governance
Advising on legal, structuring and corporate governance issues across all streams to expedite project execution and ongoing success

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