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FRONTIER IMPACT GROUP has specialised focus in the land restoration sector, unique in the Australian context, and a long history in successful commercial, environmental and government projects, customised to satisfy our clients’ needs and benefit the planet.


FIG has a strong working knowledge of the technologies and business models that can assist in the transition to restoring the landscape and has developed several funding solutions and stakeholder relationships that the Restore Australia program will leverage. These stakeholders include investors, financiers, universities, industry groups, government, regenerative land developers and other stakeholders that will collaborate to achieve the Restore Australia objectives.


Additionally, FIG has already been advising several land restoration groups and has access to an expanding pipeline of prospective land restoration projects. These are outside the existing Restore Australia program but may provide investment opportunities for Ark3C to further accelerate scale up of solutions in Australia.


FIG advises a number of groups including soil carbon projects, conservation and biodiversity, regenerative agriculture and carbon projects under the Federal Government Climate Solution Fund. This includes access to investors that are focused on assets that deliver environmental and social outcomes as well as economic outcomes.


FIG is a market leader in Australian carbon trading and risk management systems and the team boasts over 30 years’ experience across fund management, sustainability, advisory, capital raising and financing. Our services help environmental projects become investment ready, through business advisory services and both direct and strategic assistance to high impact projects across Australia which deliver outstanding environmental and business outcomes. 

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