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National Biochar roundtable sponsored by Frontier impact Group – Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Frontier Impact Group is excited to announce the international and Australian speakers for the upcoming Biochar Leadership Roundtable. Biochar is considered a “game changer” in California and this roundtable seeks to leverage the extensive international trials and research, enabling participants to capitalise on the extensive knowledge and expertise that has been developed. The California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research see biochar as a solution to many key environmental challenges. They will share the Californian legislative changes in relation to biochar and the lessons learnt from the change process, in addition to the impact on biochar projects that are

currently underway.

Objective of the roundtable:

- Increase awareness of the benefits and significance that biochar has to solve many of our immediate and ongoing problems here in Australia.

- Discussing the key learnings that may be most relevant for Australia in order for us to leverage the economic, environmental and social successes of California.

Key applications

- Market Opportunities: Building (cement & bitumen), Agriculture and others

- R&D: Graphene (energy storage and batteries, 3D printing and moulding)

- Environmental: Reducing Algae Bloom, Water Conservation/Quality, Contaminate Extraction, Mine Site Rehabilitation

Check out the invitation here.

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