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Narrogin Project Presented at the World Renewable Energy Congress

Frontier Impact Group's landmark renewable diesel project in Western Australia’s Wheatbelt was presented as a case study of renewable fuel production and discussed in a panel session at the 21st World Renewable Energy Congress, held at Murdoch University in Perth in early December.

Sustainable Development Director, Andy Rodgers, joined the Biomass for Bioenergy panel and shared his perspectives on renewable fuel generation in the WA Wheatbelt using the renewable diesel biorefinery as a case study. The biorefinery is being developed by FutureEnergy Australia, a JV between Carnarvon Energy and Frontier Impact Group.

Andy said with leading renewable energy academics and practitioners from across Australia and all corners of the globe, the Congress was an incredible educational experience for industry and academics to learn about what was happening worldwide in renewable energy.

“Speaking on our plans to develop Australia’s first commercial-scale renewable diesel facility in WA to such an engaged audience was tremendous,” he said.

Mr Rodgers spoke about the current landscape for renewable fuels in Australia, particularly the lack of incentives compared to other economies and the few alternatives to decarbonise for companies and governments with hard-to-abate emissions. He also spoke of the strong local government and community support for the Project. He also highlighted the benefits of ‘drop-in’ renewable fuel and the potential to upgrade to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

“Discussion was robust, and sitting on the panel with representatives from like-minded organisations allowed us to learn from each other and the vast opportunity presented in WA and Australia to develop a renewable fuel industry and help meet growing demand at a global scale.

“I look forward to future Congress events that promote the new frontier of sustainable, renewable energy creation to power our communities and economy through the 21st century.”


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