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Bioenergy: Report reveals Victoria’s opportunity to invest in clean, secure jobs

MEDIA RELEASE: Tuesday 20 July 2020

Bioenergy presents an exciting opportunity for Victoria’s investment future, with a report released today by Frontier Impact Group recognising its potential to deliver cleaner, cheaper energy as well as hundreds of jobs in the Gippsland region.

Bioenergy production converts crops and existing biomass resources (such as organic waste, forestry residue, and agricultural by-products) into renewable energy and fuels.

The report also discusses Smart Specialisation’s Food and Fibre Gippsland’s proposed Advanced Vegetable Processing Biohub that will utilise biomass from farms and food processors as a feedstock for a nutraceutical processing facility.

Frontier Impact Group Managing Director, Jennifer Lauber Patterson, said that the Gippsland region was in an enviable position in the emerging bioenergy sector.

"Our analysis has identified that $670 million in potential investment would be available for bioenergy projects in the Gippsland region alone, most of it within three years.

"That means secure employment opportunities for hundreds of locals - 280 direct and 440 indirect jobs in an area recently impacted by job losses in the power generation sector.

"The foresight of the Gippsland Climate Change Network who commissioned this report, and the sponsorship by the Latrobe Valley Authority under the Gippsland Smart Specialisation Strategy, has put their community in good stead to reap the benefits of this emerging industry."

Ms Lauber Patterson also noted the report’s findings highlighted economic possibilities for the region’s agricultural community.

"Bioenergy presents Gippsland farmers with opportunity to diversify their income streams and develop a circular economy in the region.

"The creation of bioenergy creates up to $300 of value per tonne, and the crops and agricultural by-products of local farms are the perfect biomass to create reliable energy."

Gippsland Climate Change Network Chair Darren McCubbin commended Frontier Impact Group for recognising the social and environmental benefits of bioenergy.

"Frontier Impact Group have produced a very valuable report that has enabled us to understand viability and priority for different bioenergy technologies in the region.

"Their research suggests that investing in the local bioenergy industry, we could reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the order of 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.

"Additionally, they identified that energy crops can remediate degraded land creating a lasting conservation legacy in our community.

"We were impressed with Frontier Impact Groups ability to assess a wide range of biomass inputs against a diverse mix of bioenergy technologies and this report has been invaluable for government, technology companies and other community stakeholders."

The biomass assessment included the analysis of biomass from wastewater treatment and forestry residue, as well as commercial, industrial, animal, and agricultural waste streams.

From a large number of technologies, bio-digestion and high temperature pyrolysis with the potential transition to hydrogen was found to present the greatest opportunity.

The Gippsland Biomass Audit and Project Opportunity Analysis report was developed by Frontier Impact Group alongside the Gippsland Climate Change Network, Gippsland Smart Specialisation, and Latrobe Valley Authority. To request a copy of the report's Executive Summary, please visit

Darren McCubbin, Acting General Manager of Gippsland Climate Change Network (GCCN) speaks about the benefit of the Frontier Impact Group Bioenergy report, in this video:


Frontier Impact Group Jennifer Lauber Patterson

Managing Director, Frontier Impact Group

Phone: 0431 263 000


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As pioneers in climate solutions, they use their cutting-edge technology, unique insights, and sophisticated financial models to provide comprehensive climate solutions advisory and project development capability to support the businesses of the future as they shape their climate strategy, business models and financing in the global race to net zero.


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