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The emerging renewable fuels sector in Australia came one step closer this week after a biorefinery project in Western Australia reached an exciting milestone.

Narrogin Shire this week announced it had received a Development Application for the establishment of a Renewable Diesel biorefinery at the Narrogin FutureEnergy Park. The biorefinery is being developed by FutureEnergy Australia, a 50:50 joint venture between Carnarvon Energy Ltd and Frontier Impact Group.

"This is an exciting milestone because the Narrogin biorefinery will be the first of its type in Australia," said Jennifer Lauber Patterson, Managing Director of JV partner, Frontier Impact Group.

"I am so glad we were able to get our DA finalised and submitted because there is a huge amount of work involved and I'm grateful to the whole team for their time and dedication," Ms Lauber Patterson said.

The renewable diesel being produced at the facility is 100% drop-in so can be used to replace conventional diesel without requiring modifications to diesel engines and burns much cleaner than traditional fuel.

"The renewable diesel has the potential to be further refined into sustainable aviation fuel, while the high-temperature pyrolysis process also produces high-quality biochar and wood vinegar," she said.

Narrogin Shire’s Chief Executive, Mr Dale Stewart, said ”This type of Biorefinery is a first for Australia and will create 35 new direct jobs in addition to the employment that will be required during construction.”

"This is an incredibly exciting project, and a development of this size will be a great economic boost for Narrogin and districts and lead to the potential for other allied support services and industries at the FutureEnergy Park,” he added.

The Shire’s Planning Officers are currently working through the application, which will be referred to the State’s Joint Development Assessment Panel for final recommendation to the Minister for Planning for approval


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