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Stephen Gauld, CEO of Infinite Green Energy, Peter Walsh CEO of Red earth and Jennifer Lauber Patterson, Frontier Impact Group, make announcement.
Stephen Gauld, CEO of Infinite Green Energy, Peter Walsh CEO of Red earth and Jennifer Lauber Patterson, Frontier Impact Group, make announcement.


Frontier Impact has announced a Joint Venture project with Red Earth Energy and leading Green Hydrogen producer, Infinite Green Energy (IGE), to expand into the North American market, focusing on Canadian Green Hydrogen production.

The JV, called H2 Canada, identified Canada as an ideal country to help the world transition to renewable fuels with its abundance of fresh water, hydroelectricity, and wind energy potential.

The Joint Venture is building partnerships with Indigenous First Nations communities in Canada to support and supply green hydrogen to a new, developing Canadian domestic market plus provide for export markets in Europe, Asia, the United States, and the Americas.

Several locations have been identified and all are progressing at different stages. The JV plans to reduce carbon emissions in Canada by 4.5 million tons per year and create economic opportunities in the renewable’s energy space.

“We believe green hydrogen has an important role to play in the energy transition and look forward to leveraging our experience in the Australia market to achieve impactful results in Canada,” said Jennifer Lauber Patterson, managing director of Frontier Impact Group.

“Red Earth Energy will leverage the expertise of Infinite Green Energy, the leading green hydrogen company in Australia and Frontier Impact Group, a Climate Solutions Investment and Advisory firm who are pioneering the transition of Australia to net carbon zero, to hit the ground running in Canada”, said Peter Walsh managing director of Red Earth Energy.

Green Hydrogen hubs are proposed for the provinces of Newfoundland and Quebec (H2 Canada East) and British Columbia (H2 Canada West). The JV plans to begin performing feasibility studies with the assistance of First Nations communities in Canada during the fourth quarter of 2022 and these are expected to be completed within 10 months.


MEDIA ENQUIRIES Dean Troth, M. 0432 267 184

Frontier Impact Group is a climate solutions advisory and investment firm, deploying specialist expertise at scale to drive financially viable, planet-friendly solutions and accelerate the global race to net zero.

Red Earth Energy is a developer of renewable fuel projects with a focus on green hydrogen production.

Infinite green energy is a pioneer and global leader in the green hydrogen market and is on target to construct the first large-scale green hydrogen facility in Australia.


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